ECOTRIC Electric Fat Tire Bicycle Folding Bike 36V 12Ah 500W Lithium Battery Beach Snow Mountain 20″ Ebike Moped

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Insufficient electric power continuation mileage after one-time battery charge

“Continuation mileage”means that after the new battery, means that after the new battery is fully charged, its weight is configured to 75kg(The total weight of the rider), the ambient temperature is 25℃±5℃, and the wind speed is not more than 3m/s. Ride on a flat secondary road until it reaches the mileage under the condition of battery undervoltage.

a) With the passage of time, the capacity of the battery has decreased. For example, the new battery may have a “continuation mileage” of more than 30 kilometers. After a period of use, the battery capacity will decrease as the use time increases, so the “continuation mileage” will decrease.

b) Riding under poor road conditions, headwinds, uphills, loads, frequent starts, insufficient tire pressure, etc., will make the riding current increase and the battery discharge time reduce, so the “continuation mileage” will be somewhat decreased.

c) As the temperature drops, the capacity of the battery will decrease. When the actual “continuation mileage” is at 25°C±5°C standard temperature, every 1°C drop will shorten the “continuation mileage” by approximately 0.5-0.6km.

d) Improper charging of the battery will reduce the capacity of the battery, thereby affecting the “continuing mileage”.

-1 Riding in low temperature conditions. Once you get home, you can’t charge it at low temperature immediately. If you do, the battery will be falsely charged and the capacity will gradually decrease. Because at low temperatures, the chemical reaction on the battery electrodes is very slow, the charge acceptance is very poor, and it is difficult to fully charge. Therefore, you should put the battery to a room above 15°C, and then recharge the battery after 1 hour.

-2 Considering the riding distance and needs, frequent charging is beneficial to the battery life. However, when the battery is fully discharged and then recharged, due to the difference between the single cells during discharge, some single cells may be over-discharged. Over-discharge will greatly reduce the charge acceptance ability, cause insufficient charge, and gradually decrease the capacity. Therefore, when the battery discharges 50-70% of the power, it’s the right time to charge the battery.

20″ New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike Beach Snow Bicycle ebike 500W Electric Moped Electric Mountain Bicycles

500W Gear Motor

500W Gear Motor





Aluminium Alloy Frame

Aluminium Alloy Frame

500W Gear Motor

500 Watt brushless geared motor

Tire: 20″ * 4.0 Anti-skidding,adapt to snow, sand and other complex topography

Inner tube: 20×4.0/4.9

Valve stem: American standard size

attached: valve cap

36V/12AH Removable Lithium Battery

36V/12AH Removable Lithium Battery,so you can bring the battery to your home or office to recharge.

Battery lock and power lock function.

Shimano 7-Speed

Outage braking system and Mechanical braking system,work along both lines, provide security for your trip.

7 Speed system

Come with pedal assist and walk assist model

Aluminium Alloy Frame With Linearness Design

Model : FM2009008L

20 “ALLOY;

Head tube Ø Ø 50 * 50 * 120 l.

The pipe heterotypic Ø 27.4 * 2.2 T * 420 l,

Reaming Ø 27.4;

Equipped with rear motor;Standard disc brake seat


Power display; 6KM constant speed cruise; three-speed cycle display

foding ebikefoding ebike

Folding Frame ,Easy to Carry,Save Space

Folding Aheadset Stem

ALLOY, four connecting rod lock, self-locking type safety hook, has no teeth in folding, D type pipe rotation riser, right fold, φ25.4*440L(adjustable), standpipe: φ28.6, leaning Angle (9-15 ° standard for 9 °)

Small deviations may exist, but they will be within the margin of error

20″ New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike Beach Snow Bicycle ebike 500W Electric Moped Electric Bicycles

Max Speed:20 Mph ( Shimano External 7 Speed Gear)

Distance Per Charge:18-23 miles (Electric Only)

Max Rider Weight: 90kg(200lbs)

Twist Throttle AND Pedal Assist

Total length: 1768mm / 69.5 inches

Handle Bar to ground: 1150 mm / 45.3 inches

Saddle to ground : 840-990 mm / 33-39 inches

Center distance of two wheels: 1185mm / 46.5 inches

Horizontal distance from The frame head tube to the seat cushion: 640 mm / 25.2 inches

The length of the middle tube: 420mm / 16.5 inches

Center Top Tube To Ground: 605mm / 23.8 inches

horizontal distance between the middle of the handle bar to the middle of the crankset: 350mm / 13.8 inches


Change the way you travel, Leave behind the problem of traffic jam, travel without carbon, protect the green earth.Say goodbye to the crowded bus, enjoy the individual independent space, enjoy the city scenery, let the travel more free

*Change the way you ride, Hybrid cycling, pedal assist or walk assist model ,let the ride be whatever you want

*Change your sports way, say goodbye to the excuse of no time to exercise, travel is a sport, say goodbye to the reason of no sports place, the road is a sports place.

Go for an outing, go for a tour, across the city and over the mountains, it’s easy to be there.Along with it, you’ll find the fun of exercise.

On the way to work, on the way out or in your spare time, every moment of your journey gives you freedom and happiness.

Hybrid bicycle , free heart!

Note 1: This is not a professional mountain bike, it has a certain climbing ability, but the slope should not be too long and steep, it is recommended to ride on flat roads or paved mountain roads

Note 2: after receiving the bike, please record its serial number (usually located at the bottom of the bike frame, some models will be located on the head tube). You can use this serial number to file with the vehicle management center.Recently we received a letter from a customer whose bike was stolen, and the police needed him to provide the bike serial number for the record.













Tire (inch)







Disc Brake

Disc Brake

Disc Brake

Disc Brake

Disc Brake





S900 LCD

Smaet LCD








Motor&Battery: Strong driving force 500W Motor. Battery: 36V 12ah Lithium Cell. Charging time: 6-8 hours. Bike weight: 23.2 kg (51.15 LB). Max Speed:20 Mph (Shimano External 7 Speed Gear).
Tire&Brake: 20” X 4.0” Fat Tire for All Terrain. Tire size: 20 * 4.0”, Anti-skidding, adapt to snow, sand and other complex topography. Inner tube: 20×4.0/4.9. Front and Rear Disc Brakes. Distance Per Charge:18-23 miles (Electric Only, Rider weight<200LBS(90KG), flat road and full power). Come with pedal assist and walk assist model. Aluminum Frame.
Throttle Type: Variable Speed Control – 1/2 Twist Throttle. Outage braking system and Mechanical braking system, work along both lines, provide security for your trip. Battery lock and power lock function.
NOTE: To keep the battery alive, our warehouse uses an extension charging cord (batteries need to be charged regularly to keep them alive), the cord is no use for you. If you receive this cord, please ignore it, there is a professional charger in our packages, please use the correct charging equipment to charge.

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